Roles of our professionals

Implementatie Manager

We are available for you as Process improvers, Strategic advisors, Motivators, Customer experience advisors, Project Managers and ITSM Advisors. As it’s not convenient to have 6 job titles, we compressed it into one: the role of Implementation Consultant/Manager!


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Agile Coach & Scrum Master

A Newbirdz Agile coach has the Agile mindset like no other. Our coaches are able to motivate all stakeholders in the development process in order to achieve the desired results in an Agile way.


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Project Manager

Our approach is end-to-end. We look at an implementation across the whole chain with a holistic view. From customer to supplier. When it comes to an implementation, processes and people are just as important as the tooling in order to make it a success. That is why our project managers will always take this trinity into account in all their decisions.


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Business Analyst

Our business analysts clarify the business requirements. The pragmatic and agile approach of our analysts ensure quick and clear insight in the requirements to enable you to optimise your business processes in an effective way.


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